A long day for a young lad

I decided to take my son out for a hours fishing on the river. This was to be his second kayak fishing trip and he’d been practicing some paddling a couple of days earlier.His first trip has been a short sea fishing trip last year in a slightly choppy sea. He got seasick and I thought that perhaps he’d been a little young at the time.

So how did he fair this time?. Well it was a long day afloat for sure!, I think we clocked up 10 hours on the water. For a 6 year old kid that’s a VERY long time!, but did he complain?, not once!. It’s fair to say that he thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and caught a handful of fish which was what it was all about.

He soon sussed out that the best way to travel is hanging onto me!, and we spent most of the day rafted up, me pedalling his about as he relaxed and fished, perfect.


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