Time for something new...

Well I first started kayak fishing back in September of 2007. Here I am twelve years later having just sold my kayaks with a view to throwing myself into a new hobby. What's that going to be?. Well, that's yet to be decided, though I'm trying to get into fly fishing. Covid19 hasn't permitted anywhere near the progress that I'd have liked to have seen, but I'm still hopeful!

I've hardly fished in the past 2-3 years. Back in the early days I'd clock up to a 100 trips a year, now I'm lucky to manage 4-5 trips. Why the loss of interest?. Well if I'm being entirely honest I could probably put it down to some aspects of sponsorship having changed my type of fishing. I'd always been a saltwater bait fisherman at heart, however, sponsorship seemed to push me more towards freshwater lure fishing and competitions which just weren't my cup of tea.

That said, I have some amazing memories to look back on and that's good enough for me!.

Thanks for all the follows and comments over the years, it's really been appreciated.

Tight lines !

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