Making a start

After taking an interest in kayak fishing I registered on several US forums. After several months of research, I'd gained a good grasp of the requirements, the theory, what was considered good & bad, etc. Despite bad memories of white water canoeing I decided to take the plunge and buy a fishing kayak, again this was after weeks and weeks of deliberation, reading reviews, canvassing for opinions, etc.

Ultimately I had some basic requirements when choosing my yak.
  • It had to be a tried and tested dedicated fishing yak
  • High stability was important
  • Plenty of room, for myself and for rigging.
  • Visible colour

The result of all this research was an orange Prowler Big Game. Not the lightest, nor the fastest, but it fulfilled all of my requirements.


The only extra item purchased at this time was a C-Tug trolley to aid moving the yak to my chosen launch area.