It can only get better..

It’s depressing.. the weather is going from bad to worse. The weather forecast just isn’t worth reading past the forthcoming 24 hours. This weekend was looking fishable, now it’s forecast a blowout. Fear not, early next week is looking good, well that was yesterday, today it’s all change.

The original plan was to fish the Manacles this weekend with a friend, though that’s now a write off so I’ll no doubt be driving back to Hampshire again this weekend. I really can’t put into words how terribly frustrating this whole experience is. I’m still hoping that the last week will allow a fishing window or two, day or night, I’m not at all fussy.

A couple of hours ago I wandered down to Poldhu Cover, then over to Mullion Harbour before stopping by Church Cove. I do enjoy watching a stormy sea which cheered me up in a bizarre sort of a way. The waves were between 6-8’, going over for a few hundred yards, a cauldron of boiling water as far as the eye could see.. sobering stuff. Certainly not something you’d want to find yourself paddling in !

Poldhu Cove

Below is Mullion Harbour, the photo doesn’t do the swell justice. Though if you look to the other side of the wall you can make out the inner water level.


Lastly was Church Cove, the light was fading fast hence the poor photo quality.


I have strong doubts as to whether conditions will improve during the next week or so, but as ever I’m living in hope !


Anonymous said...

for kayak fishing

Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

You lead the way, I'll be right behind you ! :)

Paffoh said...

Urgh, that looks horrible!

Steve said...

We can all hope the weather will change. Great photographs of the storm beaches by the way. I am not a kayak angler myself as yet (my wife thinks I will make her a widow at my age!) but would love to get into it and enjoy reading blogs like yours; informative and entertaining.

Andy said...

mate the worlds biggest kayak wouldnt see me out in that!

david tilly said...

WELL ROB i taught you were takeing a brake .the wether hear was not to bad hear we got out a few times ,but no fish the wether cycle this winter has brought us back to the days when i started bass fishing no bass till april .good to hear your back on track.

Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

Yup, the water temperature is well down for the time of year. The last 3 weeks I've dragged the yak down to Cornwall, only to be unable to fish due to the weather. Forecast high winds all this week so I left the yak at home. Guess how the weather is turning out!!!... if I see a weather forecaster this week I'm going to kill them.

Unknown said...

Wow that's nasty! It looks like Oregon most of the time.

It's nice to have an excuse to sit by the fire and drink beer at the pub sometimes.


Rob Edlin said...

I managed to get out on the 13th March off Kennack Sands as luckily I live in The Lizard, only managed one small Plaice though. Had a bit of a wet launch though!

Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

Hi Rob
thanks for the comment. It's a nice spot down there, in fact I was sat there yesterday afternoon eating one of 'Ann's' pasties!. I'm heading back tomorrow, hopefully I'll be back on the water soon.